I Am Me

I found this gem just the other day. It was written for a 9th grade English assignment. I hope to meet this girl again someday and get to know her.
I am me.
There will never be anyone like me.
I am special and very unique.
I am an examiner, always wondering, thinking, looking, seeking,
Trying my hardest to find answers to questions not meant to be answered.
I am an energy well beyond my years,
With an out-going confidence, and smile always in my step,
And an undying happiness,
that although may falter, will never leave my side.
I am hugs, and sometimes tears.
I hide from the cruelties of the world, yet I hold nothing back.
I trust everyone, yet I fear them too.
Look deep in my eyes and you can see the colors of my soul,
The green with touches of brown and yellow,
Like a tree in the fall,
Always changing,
Never remaining the same because there’s no excitement in that.
I am the caterpillar, so strange, and unique,
But full of beauty, yet unseen.
I am a rose, so beautiful and gentle,
Yet with thorns that must be watched.
I am the sky, the sea, the earth,
And all the beautiful shades of blue that no one can name.
I am a free, happy, wild spirit,
Never meant to be tamed.
I am a child becoming an adult,
I am me, and me is just right.

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